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17 Stats And Facts Every Marketer Should Know About Video Marketing

17 Stats And Facts Every Marketer Should Know About Video Marketing

Leveraging online video marketing is an effective technique to advertise, brand, and expand your business online. A lot more customers are engaging with videos today than ever before, and, in 2020, it’s an essential boost and increase your video marketing to connect with your target market.

Videos have a time tested way of cultivating engagement, producing results like click-through, shares, lead generation, and sales. It is, without a doubt, one of the best strategies to bring more direct exposure to your brand while aiding you in achieving your bottom-line.

However, you don’t need to take my word for it! I’ve put together 17 fascinating statistics that highlight the power behind online video marketing. When you’re done reading this list, you’ll be inspired to strengthen your video strategy to ensure success in all your digital marketing efforts.

Video Marketing Stats for 2020

#1 By 2022, global consumer Internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer Internet traffic (Source: SmallBizTrends)

#2 Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day (Source: Social Media Today)

#3 YouTube reports mobile video consumption rises 100% every year (Source: Hubspot)

#4 55% of people watch videos online every day (Source: Digital Information World)

#5 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others (Source: RendrFx)

#6 90% of users say that product videos are helpful in the decision process (Source: Hubspot)

#7 Social video generates 12 times the shares than text and images combined (Source: SmallBizTrends)

#8 Video posts on Facebook have 135% greater organic reach than photo posts (Source: Social Media Today)

#9 Including a video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80% (Source: Unbounce)

#10 After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online (Source: Hubspot)

#11 Companies using video enjoy 41% more web traffic from search than non-users (Source: SmallBizTrends)

#12 59% of senior executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic on the same page, they prefer to watch video (Source: Digital Information World)

#13 People spend 3 times longer watching a live social video compared to one that has been prerecorded (Source: Social Media Today)

#14 Video in an email leads to 200-300% increase in click-through rates (Source: Hubspot)

#15 Top three most effective types of video content: Customer testimonials (51%); Tutorial videos (50%); Demonstration videos (49%) (Source: Curata)

#16 A whopping 80% of users recall a video ad they viewed in the past 30 days (Source: Hubspot)

#17 67% of marketers found video marketing somewhat successful (Source: Digital Information World)

Strategies To Use Video In Your Marketing

Now that you understand how effective video marketing can be, here’s how you can use video in your marketing strategy. These methods are certain to provide you with the best results.

  • Use videos to share your brand’s story. Enable your audience to see your enthusiasm and passion for the services and products you offer.
  • Live-streaming videos are everywhere now! Take advantage of Facebook Live, Zoom, and Facebook and Instagram Stories to engage with your social media followers. Share your blog content, report breaking news, promote a new product or invite them backstage to your next event.
  • Upload videos directly to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms versus only sharing videos from YouTube to boost organic reach.
  • Create videos for each of your products and services, especially your primary ones. Show step-by-step how to use it, the benefits, features, and specs. The more you educate your audience on its use, the better success they’ll have
  • Repurpose popular blog posts into a video series to extend its reach
  • Include videos in your email content. Be sure to put the word “Video” in the subject line
  • Use an editorial calendar to help you organize, plan and schedule your videos, so it aligns with your business goals and keeps you consistent.

Video Marketing Takeaway

Still reading? Great. We’ve got two final key statistics for you:

  • 71% of people watch more video than they did a year ago. (HubSpot)
  • 83% of marketers would increase their reliance on video as a strategy if there were no obstacles like time, resources, and budget. (Buffer)

As the above stats show, while there are a few exceptions, most users are much happier watching a video than reading  However, many marketers don’t feel they have the time, ability, or budget to create the multimedia content that their audience craves.

That’s where Aldermedia can help. We make short form videos that can help your clients understand what you do and why you’re the best option for their next purchase. Contact us for your next video marketing campaign


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